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Hey! Welcome to my website! Questions, comments, artwork, news or whatever else you would like to share, can be mailed to me at Angela. Thanks!!

Welcome to the new and improved Angela's Winx World! Taking complaints/suggestions and frequent issues into consideration, I have developed a new look and feel to the site that will hopefully be friendly to all computer screens in any different size, and have down-sized the front-page so as to make it easy for any computer to load. I have also arranged things in a more... professional-looking way, such as the buttons being under the banner, links at the bottom of the screen, and everything carefully placed in its own section so as to keep things well-maintained and easy to move around if need be.

So, I really hope you guys like the changes I set here, and especially look forward to your comments on the design, as this will probably be the forver-more design, or the design for a very long time. (Nope, no more seasonal desings, sorry!) So welcome to the new Angela's Winx World! Have fun exploring!

Here you can take an opportunity to chat with other Winx-fans as well as me! But I have some very important rule
that you MUST follow. Otherwise you will be banned and put on the Wall of Shame. Here they are:
#1. Absolutely NO pretending to be someone you're not. Even if you do it harmlessly - it is still unacceptable.
#2. NO cursing swearing or bullying other people!
#3. Do not use any adult content. Do not post anything that may be inappropriate!
#4. Have fun and be nice to each other. The CBox is here for you guys to enjoy. Please don't spoil it. :)
Also note that my username is Wlnxgirl. Thanks!

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